About Us

Skratchlab is the award winning DJ Academy featured in Rolling Stones magazine for its simple and unique program that takes pure beginners to a level of a club DJ in the matter of Months, not years.

WElcome to Skratchlab DJ Academy

Skratchlab is the award winning DJ Academy which was also featured in the Rolling Stones magazine for its wide range of DJ related courses.
The concept was developed by DJ Kave, his profile goes from being a Two time D.M.C World Dj championship Indian representative,Official DJ For A R Rahman, Blaaze & Hardkaur and has performed internationally and has an experience of over 15 years in the nightlife and DJ industry and has won several awards for his excellence in his craft.

In his own words, Dj Kave explains, "I think if you love music, you will love it even more when you are able to share it by performing live .. We at Skratchlab want to give you that massive value and experience.. "our goal is to give you the necessary skills to unleash your true musical creativity, and carrier potential.

Now more than ever, the distinction between music producers and DJs have disappeared and while both talents complement each other there are new upgrades in the Art Form. Our certified and updated course's include supervised and solo practice time at our fully stacked Studio.